Distributed Press
Apr 19, 2024 • 2 min read

New release! Collective care mechanisms through moderation features

Exciting new feature from Distributed Press! Moderation features added to our sites that interact with decentralized social media. Get distributed and interact even more across digital networks, while protecting yourself against harassment, spammers and hostility

🎉 Exciting new feature from Distributed Press! Fostering collective care experiences in decentralized social media through moderation features

Distributed Press builds tools that facilitate DWeb hosting over multiple p2p protocols for fast p2p sites with social interactions, focused on audiences that need protection against censorship and prioritize data sovereignty.

Today we are releasing another significant advancement in our platform: Personalized Moderation in Decentralized Social Media interactions for sites managed through Sutty no-code CMS.

🎉 What’s new: for sites created and managed through Sutty CMS, the integration with Fediverse is now enriched with the ActivityPub moderation functions from Distributed Press.

Sutty CMS is freely available for users who want to publish and manage websites without handling code. With the Sutty CMS, you can use a graphical, user-friendly interface to author posts and customize your site, and then enable the Distributed.Press integration to have Sutty publish your site to IPFS and Hypercore in addition to the HTTP version. You can disseminate your content and interact on digital networks: your articles can be published onto Fediverse social media, through a customizable profile on a Sutty instance unique to your website. Fediverse users are able to follow your posts, mention you and reply to you.

Today, we are launching an upgrade on both moderation and integration features of Sutty CMS admin panel:

A lot of social interactions on the open internet can be unpleasant when folks get exposed to trolls or bad actors. We are interested in strategies and mechanisms for collective care that support people’s Right to Communication. In the Fediverse’s vast online communities, it is possible to regulate the circulation of fascism and hate speech as each instance may exclude other instances with previous reports of content which is antidemocratic, hateful or contrary to the values and care of its inhabitants. Get distributed and interact even more across digital networks, while protecting yourself against harassment, spammers and hostility.

Start with Sutty’s no-code platform.

Create a static website on Sutty and use the Social Inbox panel on the platform admin panel: https://sutty.nl/en/