Distributed Press

Distributed Press is a publishing tool for the distributed web.

We are aiming to empower publishing organizations and authors anywhere. Distributed Press adds the ability to utilize peer-to-peer (P2P) and decentralized protocols to any CMS, for your content distribution and archiving needs. 

We extend your content reach by publishing and hosting content on multiple distributed networks and P2P protocols like IPFS, BitTorrent, Holepunch, with Arweave, Iroh and more coming soon.

You can choose one or all without any technical hassle. 

Why should you be interested?

By leveraging distributed web protocols Distributed Press enables:

Make your content more resilient using distributed web tech!

If you are a publisher or author but you are not yet publishing to the distributed web, let's talk! The time to start is now. Let us help you amplify your voice worldwide!