Distributed Press


Sutty CMS

Sutty is a great use case of how Distributed Press can fit into your publishing workflow.

Sutty is a CMS (Content Management System) where you’d write or assemble your content for publishing to the web. 

Sutty has integrated with Distributed Press, allowing authors to easily publish their posts, articles, essays, and other content to distributed web protocols such as IPFS, Hypercore and BitTorrent. With Sutty CMS, you can use a graphical, user-friendly interface to author posts and customize your site, and then enable their Distributed.Press integration to have Sutty publish your site to IPFS and Hypercore in addition to the HTTP version.

Toggle in Sutty CMS to activate publication thorugh distributed protocols


Another great example showcasing Distributed Press capabilities is COMPOST, a magazine about the digital commons, telling stories about people building the web as a shared resource. COMPOST is published to the World Wide Web and DWeb using Distributed Press.

COMPOST magazine viewed over IPFS on the Brave Browser.