Distributed Press

Products and Services

Make your apps faster, more resilient, and low-cost using distributed web tech!

Interested in hiring us to deploy your applications to the distributed web? Or interested in partnering with us to collaborate on building new dweb tooling? Contact us at `hello [at] distributed.press`!

We're also always looking for new use cases of our tools and would be happy to orient and onboard you with Distributed Press' suite of tools.

Why go distributed?

Applications and websites hosted on servers and other centralized network infrastructure can be costly to scale and hard to secure against censorship and privacy violations.

We offer products and services to integrate your applications to the distributed web aka dweb, to strengthen the resilience, data efficiency, and user privacy of your apps — all while helping you cut down on bandwidth and server costs. As experts who are familiar with the dweb ecosystem, we can help you choose which protocols are right for your use case.

By leveraging DWeb protocols like IPFS, Hyper, ActivityPub, and BitTorrent, you can enable your apps to:

Consulting & Development Services

We have a wide variety of open source tooling and experience developing and deploying decentralized web technology. We can help you build dweb integrations into your existing products.

Static Sites

DWeb Static Site Hosting

No-Code & Self-Managed Web Publishing with Multiple Distribution Channels

CMS Integration for DWeb hosting

Custom website consulting, UX, design, development


Static Site Generator ActivityPub Plugins

ActivityPub Consulting

CMS Integration For ActivityPub publishing

Social Inbox for ActivityPub

Peer-To-Peer Applications