Distributed Press

Social Reader is out!

May 3, 2024 • Less than a minute read • by & ania

The Social Reader is a privacy-first personal reader for subscribing to content published on federated social media. It's ideal whether it's your first step into the Fediverse, and you want to browse without creating an account, or you just prefer to use tools that are private-by-design.

New release! Collective care mechanisms through moderation features

Apr 19, 2024 • Less than a minute read

Exciting new feature from Distributed Press! Moderation features added to our sites that interact with decentralized social media. Get distributed and interact even more across digital networks, while protecting yourself against harassment, spammers and hostility

Find us at Fediforum this week!

Mar 18, 2024 • Less than a minute read • by & mai

About Distributed Press' participation at Fediforum 2024.

Announcing Distributed.Press Social Inbox 1.0

Dec 5, 2023 • Less than a minute read

With Social Inbox, get social interactions to websites on the decentralized web, and find new readers all over the Fediverse

Distributed Press v1 Announcement

Apr 25, 2023 • Less than a minute read • by & mauve signweaver

Distributed Press, a tool developed by Hypha, has undergone a major rewrite. We are excited to share the latest version.